We endeavor to be a very strong and influential voice of small scale farmers in Nepal and all over the world. We attempt to be a lobby and advocacy group for farmers rights and development, genuine agrarian reform and mainstreaming of sustainable agriculture in international, regional and national policies and programs. We also want to be a facilitator for our members commercial activities in trading and marketing of sustainable agricultural products and their movement against the globalization. We are also a venue for solidarity and exchange of information on agriculture and farmers development among our members. We anticipate holding the farmers in adaptation and resilience of farmers through research and advocacy and campaign at national and international level for the mitigation of climate crisis caused by the greed of capitalist nations. We work for the mobilization of all section of Peasants populace in favor of genuine agrarian reforms, revamp democratization process for eradication of feudalism, organize protest on anti-peasants activities and policies of imperialist, WTO and IFIs; promote and conserve farm culture and traditional wisdom and biodiversity oriented farm practices.


  • ANPFA envision sovereign individuals in an equitable neo-socialist society enjoying their rights for dignified life in the food sovereignty governance system.

  • Where we, small scale men and women peasants and producers, and our families as well, are free from hunger and poverty, are happy and in good health, and live in peace and prosperity.

  • Where we own or have access and control over the lands and other basic productive resources; nurture our farmlands through appropriate, integrated and environment friendly agricultural practices and technologies, get fair market for our products, have control over our goods and services; and take nutritious, organic and culturally appropriate food, and

  • Where we are self-reliant, educated and able to participate in development processes through politically strong, socially responsive, culturally sensitive and economically viable farmers organizations.


  • To mobilize all section of Peasants populace in favor of genuine agrarian reforms.

  • To strengthen and empower peasants movements through awareness building and organizational discipline to activate their inherent rights.

  • To surge struggle forward in favour of food sovereignty, sustainable agriculture development and revolutionary land reforms opposing neo-liberal led development model of agriculture.

  • To promote professionalism, industrialization and extension of market in agriculture.

  • To activate agri-co-operative movements, promote BEA and organic farming.

  • To build pressure on government to proclaim genuine agrarian reforms to empower and ensure tiller peasants to access land and other food productive assets and infrastructures.

  • To organize training, conduct researches and capacity enhancement programs, seminar, workshops and empowerment programs on agrarian issues.

  • To facilitated info system for the benefit of large masses of peasants to make them more competitive and quality conscious.

  • To arm peasants masses with solidarity spirit regarding international peasants movements, people based farmer movements, neo-liberalist anti- peasant policies serving the interest of comprador capitalists, TNCs etc.

  • To promote exchange of peasants visits, both inside and outside the country to generate peasant brotherhood and understanding at wider/respective.

  • To initiate and mobilize co-working with all peasants associations, both national and international, to help build common program of action and promote peasants networking to respect and realize peasants interest rights.

  • To advocate, lobby and launch campaign for peasants rights, climate justice and right to food.

  • Romote sustainable agricultural policies and biodiversity based ecological practices.

  • Study and promote alternatives to economic globalization and oppose WTO, MNCs, WB in agriculture, promote fair and just treatment of farmers in developing countries.

  • Push for UNO provisions on access to farm resources and rural development and protection of farmers rights.

  • Strengthen ANPFA at the national and regional levels so it becomes able to participate in international development processes.