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ANPFa Celebrates 21st International Day of Peasants Struggle

On 16 of April 2017 ANPFa organized 21st international day of peasants struggle and discussed about rights of peasants working in rural areas and their representation in local government. The program was attended by grass root farmer's leaders. One of the main objectives of the program was to discuss about representation of farmers in upcoming local election.The program was chaired by Mr. Hari Parajuli  , facilitated by Mr Balram Banskota and welcomed by Mr Dataram Khanal, Vice chair, General Secretary and Secretary of ANPFa respectively.

 Speaking on the occasion as a chief speaker, Chairmen of ANPFa Mr. Bamdev Gautam highlighted a vital role played by ANPFa to ensure right to food sovereignty in a new constitution. Through the concentrated efforts put by ANPFa, after a long political struggle, series of dialogues with the government and nationwide campaigns made it possible to ensure right to food sovereignty in the interim constitution in 2007 and now in present constitution.

Moreover, Mr. Gautam directs the ANPFa cadres to actively participate in upcoming local election to make sure the peasants representation in local government.