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Membership and Networking

International Alliances

Global Network: All Nepal Peasants Federation (ANPFa) is member of La Via Campesina which is the international movement that brings together millions of peasants, small and medium-size farmers, landless people, women farmers, indigenous people, migrants and agricultural workers from around the world. It defends small-scale sustainable agriculture as a way to promote social justice and dignity.

Continental Network: In Asia, ANPFa is active member of Asian Peasant Coalition , APC is an Asia-wide peasant coalition of farmers, landless peasants, fisherfolks, agricultural workers, dalit, indigenous peoples, herders, pastoralists, peasant women and rural youth. It held its 1st general assembly (GA) in November 2004 in Bangladesh, and the 2nd GA in December 2006 in Indonesia.. It has more than 15 million members representing 33 organizations coming from 9 countries in Asia such as Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Regional Network:  ANPFa is member as well as coordinating the South Asian Peasant Coalition (SAPC) which is a network of peasant organizations at the South Asian level committed to strengthen networks in the interest of the people's movements in South Asia. SAPC expresses their firm determination to build a strong and sustained struggle against their common enemies in order to achieve a radical transformation of society, SAPC is hopeful that they will win in their struggle, as their working classes, peasants, women, indigenous people and other sections of the toiling masses are the advanced forces aspiring for radical change in society. ANPFa chairmen Mr. Bamdev Gautam is also a president of South Asia Peasant Coalition.

National Alliances

ANPFa is currently the secretariat as well as coordinating the National Peasants Coalition-NPC, which is the consortium of Nepalese major farmer's organizations for advocating the issue of Peasants Right, Genuine Agrarian Reform, Social Justice, Right to Food and Climate Justice. Since its formulation in 2001, it has played a decisive role in various activities of democratic process, peasant rights; strengthen peasant’s capacity and people's sovereignty along with women, youth, indigenous and Dalits. Similarly, it has actively participated in various events of agriculture policy making, planning, implementing and monitoring/evaluating process of Nepal. NPC includes more than 12 farmer's organizations (FOs) representing over millions of small-scale farming families and marginal farmers from all over the country. They are: All Nepal Peasants Federation (ANPFa), Nepal Farmer Association, All Nepal Peasants Federation Revolutionary, Nepal Farmers Federation ,Women Farmers Association, Youth Farmers Association,  National Federation of Irrigation Water users Association of Nepal, Dalit Farmers Association, Federation of Community Forestry Users Nepal and so on.         


ANPFa  also chairing the Food Sovereignty Network Nepal.