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Who we are

All Nepal Peasants Federation (ANPFa) is an umbrella association of entire Nepali peasants fighting against feudalism, imperialism and neo-liberalism. It is fighting for the agrarian reform and peasants rights for last 6 decades since its inception in 1951 AD. In the new context of democratic republic of Nepal with the abolition of feudalism, Nepal is on the way to new-socialism. ANPFa has thus re-structured its organization to form commodity and community based associations. ANPFa is the largest peasant federation in Nepal and an alliance of 23 national level subjects specific producers organizations. It is a membership based mass organization having its structure in all 5 development regions, 14 zones and 75 districts of Nepal. It had been very active in mobilizing masses for democratic freedom, peasants right and land reform in the past and of recently for food sovereignty, right to food and climate justice. It has played decisive part in various movements of democratic peasants uprising and restoration of peoples sovereignty along with women and youth movements of Nepal. Thus its role in peoples movement I and II along with comprehensive peace agreement of 2006 was vibrant. Presently it has been launching various campaigning and lobbying activities on Food Sovereignty and Right to Food and advocacy at peoples inclusive participation focusing on indigenous, marginalized, disadvantaged people, women and Dalits. It has also been conducting various advocacy, campaign and awareness programs and researches at grass roots on climate crisis, market economy hazards, land governance and grabbing, aid effectiveness, debt illegitimacy, peasants rights and other issues closely related to peasants and agriculture. International Alliances ANPFa is a very active member of various national and international networks. Presently it is a member of  Global Network-International peasants movement, La Via Campesina  Continental Network-Asian Peasants Coalition  Sub continental/Regional- South Asian Peasants Coalition National-Food Sovereignty Network, Nepal; Farmers Forum and National Peasant Coalition Main issues of ANPFa The main agenda of ANPFA has been asserting genuine agrarian reforms ensuring livelihood to landless and marginal farmers. The main focuses were to ensure womens, indigenous, Dalit and minority groups participation in the decision making process while formulating policies and the programs targeting peasants, small farmers, fisher folks, share croppers and other producers . Right to adequate food as human first fundamental right with food sovereign country is its main agenda. We work at grassroots, local, national, regional, and global level especially with the following programs. Agrarian revolution and land reform Food Sovereignty and right to food Professionalization of Farming Industrialization of farming Climate change Peasants right Integrated rural development Co-operative movement Mainstreaming of Women, Youth, Dalits and Indigenous groups Rural livelihood Access of peasants to Natural resources State restructuring Movement against neo-liberalism and WTO in agriculture Bio-diversity Based Ecological Farming

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