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version of the constitution of Nepal is on floor for discussion by general public to solicit suggestions and feedback for further improvements. National Peasants Coalition Nepal - Implementing Body of MTCP2 has tried to utilize this opportunity by providing suggestions in order to eliminate gaps for guaranteeing protection, promotion and fulfillment of overall agriculture aspects including Peasants Rights, Land and Water, with particular emphasis on Food Sovereignty, Peasants Commission and Land Reform suggesting to revise/enrich the text accordingly. In this regard, a consultation workshop on Issues and Perspective of Peasants in Draft Constitution-2015 was organized on 23 July 2015 in Kathmandu for sharing the draft constitution and apprise of feedback before document is prepared for the final submission. FOs members and stakeholders suggested various issues relevant to peasant's rights, land reform and utilization of natural resources to insert in daft constitution 2015. The ideas and feedback provided by FOs members and agriculture/community forest expert, water users, landless women peasants and others through this workshop was synthesized and compiled under two pages suggestions to revise/improve 3 Articles (Article30, Article 41 and Article 55) along with demanding National Peasants' Commission and Peasants Court as a constitutional body. Similarly, National Peasants Coalition suggested amending preamble adding the statement: 'Nepal is farmer based country' in drafted constitution. After documenting the peasants' issues, a press conference was conducted to popularize the demands and attract the attention of concern authority design for amending draft constitution. Moreover, a press release was also served on the occasion. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Balaram Banskota-All Nepal Peasants Federation , Chaired by Chitra Bahadur Shrestha - All Nepal Peasants Federation (Revolutionary) and welcome message delivered by Mr. Bhanu Sigdel-Nepal Farmer Federation. On the occasion, numerous key speakers including Prof. Keshav Khadka � Coordinator MTCP2 South Asia, Ghana Shyam Pandey- Community forest expert delivered their valuable comments. Finally, two pages amendment suggestions were handed over to the Committee of the Citizen Relation and Public Suggestion Collection-Constituent Assembly, Key Political Leaders and all Constituent Assembly members.